Why hire a Veteran?  Because there are many benefits!

Though it can be tough for a veteran to translate military experience into applicable civilian jobs, veterans are known to have leadership and teamwork skills, along with adaptability, character, and good discipline. Second Wave trains veterans and Wounded Warriors for free and when you hire one of our trainees, you get a dedicated employee that is more highly skilled than the vast majority of your junior people (and sometimes some of your senior people).

By hiring a veteran or Wounded Warrior you are doing an even greater service to your community.

“Despite their injuries, many wounded warriors embrace their abilities and tackle accomplishments that the most able-bodied would not attempt. They have won Paralympic medals, completed triathlons and marathons, and climbed the world’s tallest mountains. With minor accommodations, they usually adapt to the requirements of most jobs.”

The DoD cites the following benefits of hiring a veteran or Wounded Warrior:

  1. Ability to learn new skills and concepts
  2. Strong leadership qualities
  3. Flexibility to work strongly in teams or work independently
  4. Diversity and strong interpersonal skills
  5. Ability to work efficiently and diligently in a fast-paced environment
  6. Respect for procedures and accountability
  7. Hands on experience with technology and globalization
  8. Strong personal integrity
  9. Strong sense of health, safety, and property standards
  10. Triumph over adversity


Other benefits to your company:

Federal Tax Credits

Doing something good and positive for your community and country.