What to automate, when to automate, or even whether one really needs automation are crucial decisions which the testing (or development) team must make. Second Wave staff are experts in this area.  Selecting the correct features of the product for automation largely determines the success of the automation effort and when mistakes are made in the crucial first steps of automation planning, the results can be disastrous.  Many a company has given up on Test Automation entirely simply because the wrong choices were made from the very beginning and  the results were less than impressive.

If you have experienced this yourself, we sympathize, but we can also prove to you that Test Automation can, and is, worth the initial cost if done correctly from the beginning.  Test Automation can literally save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars when done right.

Some software testing tasks, such as extensive low-level interface regression testing, can be laborious and time consuming to do manually. In addition, a manual approach might not always be effective in finding certain classes of defects. Test automation offers a possibility to perform these types of testing effectively. Once tests have been automated, they can be run quickly and repeatedly. Many times, this can be a cost effective method for regression testing of software products that have a long maintenance life. Even minor patches over the lifetime of the application can cause features to break which were working at an earlier point in time.

We employ or can place experts in Quick Test Pro (QTP), Selenium, QFTest, Perl, etc.

If you are interested in engaging Second Wave for your Test Automation effort, or are looking for temporary or permanent employees…

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