Our Services:

Tecstar provides a variety of service to our clients at a higher level than most other firms can even think of providing.  Our services include development, testing, and staffing. Tecstar is also making an investment in the future of the industry by providing free training to students who have no other options and recently released veterans.

For the patriotic that are looking to hire retrained veterans, or invest in the future generations, please read the staffing section below.

One other benefit?  Even our junior testers are taught to code as well as test so you can be sure they can understand code and figure out where the problems lie and when we send you a person that claims to be an expert, you can rest easy that they are indeed an expert.

Test Automation

Tecstar’s Test Automation skills are unrivaled. From QTP to Selenium, we’ve got you covered.  It’s not just our knowledge of how to write test automation that sets Tecstar apart, it’s our  knowledge of what and when to write automation that will truly make an impact on your business, your level of quality, and your bottom line.

Manual Testing

Whether looking for a senior test engineer with 20 years of experience or junior level manual testers, our people are the best.  When we train our newly released veterans or young people looking for a new career,  our junior level testers learn our methods and processes that not only contain over 80 years of distilled experience, they also get extensive hands on experience in testing.


Performance Testing

How fast does your application respond to differing loads and varying user demands?  If you need high performance and want to know where the bottlenecks or memory leaks are, Tecstar is the right choice.  Any environment, device, or language…

Mobile Development/Testing

Besides being mobile developers with dozens of apps released, we are also expert mobile app testers.  Our mobile lab contains everything from multiple iPhone devices with legacy and new iOS versions (up to iOS 7 beta 6) to the newest Samsung and Nexus devices with Android 4.2 and 4.3.  We even have legacy Blackberry and Palm devices.  We know how important it is to test on actual devices vs. emulators so you know what your real-world performance and problems are.

Another difference that sets Tecstar apart?  If you need an app developed for, or tested on a specific device and/or OS, we probably have it, but if not, we’ll get it.


Tecstar takes a different approach when it comes to hiring our own staff and we take the same approach when we provide staff for our clients.  We have different types of people available and each provides unique benefits to your company:  Veterans, Students, and Experienced Developers/Testers

Experienced Testers and Developers

Have you ever read a resume and wondered which half was true?  That will never happen with Tecstar.  Our leaders are hands on expert developers and testers.  We will never send you a person that doesn’t have actual tried and tested (by us) knowledge of the skills they attest to.

The best tech staffing firms try hard to provide the right candidates for your open position, but they often just don’t have the hands on experience to tell if a potential candidate has the experience they claim.  How can person that has never written a line of code ever be sure that they have an expert Java developer?

Tecstar not only works very hard with our clients to determine the right skills needed, but also the right personality, and team fit.  While other staffing firms may send you dozens of potential candidates in the hope that one fits, Tecstar will save you time and money by only sending candidates that do truly match your needs.


What do you get when you hire a veteran?  You get a disciplined, eager, and stable employee who not only brings leadership skills, but a highly developed sense of team and working together.  As part of Tecstar’s desire to give back, Tecstar offers free training to returning soldiers in testing and development.  We train former soldiers in new careers and even if we place them with another company, we still offer them free training every week.


The economy still isn’t totally back on track, and students today are finding it harder and harder to find jobs.  Usually they are low paying unskilled jobs to boot, and many young people do not have the resources to pay for expensive tech boot camps, and many cannot afford to wait four years to graduate college (if they could even afford it in the first place).  Tecstar offers a leg up to students that are struggling and want to learn skills that will last them a lifetime.  Just like our veterans, we offer free training to students in testing and development.  We train them to a high standard and give them lots of hands on experience before we hire them or place them with one of our clients.