Second Wave specializes in providing Development and Testing services to some of the top companies in the world. Besides consulting, we also provide staffing services to clients.  The positions below are in-house positions.  For more openings with our clients, please go to: News/Blog.

Our people are considered the best and we encourage only the best to apply.  Fair warning! If it’s on your resume, we will test you on it.

Veterans, looking for a career change?  We offer a free training program in testing and development at our Broomfield, CO office.  Contact us for more information.


We are looking for experienced and junior level people for the following positions:

Manual Testers – We need super problem solvers.  People that can dive deep and find root causes, and report defects that the development team can reproduce; people that know the difference between a great test and a so-so test, and people that can dig into the code and figure out where those tough problems are coming from.

If you are a junior tester who wants to learn the right way to test, you’ve come to the right place.  We are confident that our methodologies are great, and other companies do to.  Even other testing companies come to us to train their people.

Test Automation Engineers – Are you a pro at Test Automation?  We need experts in Selenium, QTP, Perl, JS, etc…

Mobile Testing?  Do you know when to use and emulator and when to test on the actual device?  Strong scripting and mobile development experience? Give us a call!

Software Developers – We need all sorts of developers: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, etc…

We look for people that code cleanly and efficiently, comment well, and understand that communication is key to successful teams.  We highly prefer depth over breadth: A Java specialist is preferable to someone who knows 10 languages, but only enough to get by.

Our clients use a variety of languages and environments, so it’s not which language you know, but how well you know it.

Mobile Developers – Android and iOS

We need people that are native developers.  Knowing how to use the various tools is awesome to, but an iPhone developer needs to know Objective C just as and Android developer needs to know Java.

If interested in any of our openings, please send resumes to: