Neither consulting firms nor staffing firms are unique, but Second Wave is unique among them.

  • Leadership that knows the job (and does it!)
  • Employees that stand out for their skills and teamwork
  • Second Wave invests in the future of technology
  • An in-depth understanding of technology challenges and how to overcome them
  • A 100% record of client satisfaction

Who we are:

Our Leadership team has worked with many of the top companies in the world and every single one of our leaders is an expert level developer and tester.  We are also convinced our employees are the best of the best.  We don’t always hire experts, but we do make sure that each and every potential team member is smart, eager, and willing to do the best all the time, then we train them to the highest levels.  People can learn new programming languages and new skills, but the personality essentials are what set even our junior people apart.  When our senior people tell you they are an expert, they can prove it.

We have a reputation of being the best for a reason, and once you engage Second Wave, you will wish you had called us earlier!

Second Wave is a Veteran and Minority owned business.

What we do:

Second Wave hires or trains experts in Development and Testing.  We have experts in any type of development work,  and testers that can do everything from Mobile Application Testing and Security Testing, to highly complex Test Automation.

We provide our clients with high quality work and save them time and money.

Second Wave believes that people are any company’s most important assets, but finding top talent is always difficult.  There are quite a few people out there though that do have what it takes to become a top level developer or tester, just not the means, and that is why Second Wave makes an effort to give back to the community and search out recently released veterans and eager young students who are looking for a better life and willing to work hard for it.

Second Wave provides free training to veterans, students, and our current employees on established and emerging technologies.  Our trainers are experts in the fields and that is why other consulting and staffing firms send their employees to Second Wave for training.

Why we do it:

As past business owners and company managers, we have been on the other side of the desk.  We know how much time is wasted trying to find the right person for the job.  We have also been frustrated when we hired an imperfect candidate because we were running out of time on a project.

We understand how an endless line of interviews of “not quite right” candidates hurts productivity and profits.  We know that the wrong person or the wrong skills can hurt even worse.

We also found that hiring a whole team of highly skilled, technical people was near impossible to do, so we created that team.

If you need an entire team of developers and testers, or just one excellent person, we are the right company to contact.  Short or long term, you will never be disappointed.


Second Wave’s primary office location is in Broomfield, CO, USA but we serve clients across the United States and the world.

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